‘Hour of Code’: Tech giants join Code.org to bring learn to code campaign to millions of students


Silicon Valley’s biggest companies may fight tooth and nail to recruit programmers already groomed for the industry’s most technical jobs. But they’re taking a much more collaborative path when it comes to courting the country’s youngest hackers-to-be.

On Monday, the ten-month-old non-profit Code.org launched a nationwide campaign to get 10 million students to join an “Hour of Code” during Computer Science Education Week in December and its list of supporters reads like a “Who’s Who” of Silicon Valley.

Companies from Apple (s AAPL) to Zynga (s ZNGA) are backing the initiative with money, resources and time: some schools and educators that participate may receive free storage from Dropbox, enough computers to fill a classroom and video conference calls with big names like Microsoft’s (s MSFT) Bill Gates, Twitter’s Jack Dorsey (who will be speaking at our upcoming RoadMap conference) and Google’s (s GOOG) Susan Wojcicki. Other supporters include investors…

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