Take a look at how much the U.S. government loves requesting user data


Facebook (s fb) this morning released its first-ever report sharing the number requests it received from governments for user data from the first half of 2013. Without any commentary on what any of this means (although my colleague Jeff Roberts wrote a good post this morning providing a little more insight), here is a collection of charts that shows just how hungry the U.S. government is for user data from Facebook, Google, Twitter and Microsoft.

Also, I’m not too familiar with social media in other countries, but it’s possible foreign governments request a lot more data from services that are popular in their respective countries. Facebook, Google and Microsoft are pretty popular worldwide, though.


By total number of requests. These are the top 40 countries by total number of requests. The darker the hue, the higher percentage of requests granted; the United States made between 11,000 and 12,000 requests…

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