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Martin Rasmussen: Ensuring availability and quality of research dat…

Martin Rasmussen: Ensuring availability and quality of research dat…
The scientific and economic value of research data is enormous. To ensure successful subsequent usage, the scientific community needs efficient access to data, the data has to be reliable and persistent, and the quality of the data has to be proved.

One solution to these preconditions is to apply the techniques of today’s scientific publishing to research data. Besides its publication in a data repository together with some metadata, the data should undergo a transparent public peer-review using a publication platform.
The presentation discusses two approaches. On the one hand, the data can be the basis for a research article and undergoes a review parallel to the review of the manuscript. The data is then a reviewed supplement to a scientific publication. On the other hand, the data itself can be the subject of a publication whose quality is then assured by peers.
The presentation provides practical experience, especially with the latter strategy, realized through an established open access journal.


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